Updates 3/26

Hey folks,

We took a hiatus beginning in September that we’re trying to come back from now. Andrew was working on a union campaign and Tessa has been in school. We started cutting some episodes we’d recorded and unfortunately the quality wasn’t where we wanted after working on them for a few hours—so many apologies for promising episodes and then not delivering.

We’ve started sending out contact requests for interviews and working through some ideas of what we’d like to do. But just as we got started two major things happened here in Madison: Wisconsin became a Right to Work state, which we did some local reporting for, and then Tony Robinson was shot dead by police in our neighborhood.

So we’re doing our best to balance being involved in our community while working on this project. We have a “reverse interview” where our friend and comrade Alan Sears interviewed us, but we didn’t want to lead a new season with it.

Thanks for sticking with us and more to come soon.


Andrew and Tessa

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