Ending Broadcasts

Friends and comrades,

After roughly three years of Black Sheep Socialist Podcast, we will be retiring the broadcast. Black Sheep was an experiment in trying to create audio media as independent socialists, and to create a conversational type of engagement with socialist ideas and existing movements. I am very happy with the quality of interviews we created for the program, both in terms of content and audio production. There’s a lot to say for the kind of time and resources it has taken to sustain the project, but it also became clear that the majority of our content was viewed as written transcripts submitted to other left publications rather than the audio that took many long hours to create.

I intend to keep publishing through other outlets, such as New Politics, Jacobin, Socialist Worker and the like, but I’ll be retiring this site in the coming weeks.

Thanks for listening and supporting,


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One Response to Ending Broadcasts

  1. Elida says:

    Thanks for the podcasts, especially the one about monsters I found enlightening. Listening to you all the way from Ireland. Best of luck.

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